About the Exhibition

The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL) will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2019. The exhibition will be a further milestone in the internationalisation of the society. The only official international exhibition, whether competitive or non-competitive, will be that held in Stockholm as part of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the RPSL as

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 – The International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

The exhibition will address all (and only) RPSL members worldwide, comprise circa 2,000 frames (16-pages) and will cover both non-competitive exhibits for display and competitive classes.

Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 was mailed to all Members of the London Philatelist together with the May issue. On 88 pages the exhibition and its concepts are presented and gives comprehensive information about the general concepts and thoughts which are behind the exhibition. Bulletin 1 also invites Fellows and Members to participate with a philatelic display, either as a competitive exhibit a non-competitive selection from their exhibits.

Read Bulletin 1 by downloading the bulletin from here.

Bulletin 1

Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 has 88 pages and the key message to everybody is

The bulletin was mailed to all Fellows and Members together with The London Philatelist. The content is very informative and comprises two main articles, and plenty of information about the events at the exhibition.

Read bulletin 2 by downloading it here.

Medal & Awards

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will be held under the patronage of the Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS). The invitation to exhibit and display is in operation since it was launched in Bulletin 1. The application time is open until 30 April 2018 link to application form.


All exhibitors will be awarded the exhibition medal of STOCKHOLMIA 2019. The unique STOCKHOLMIA medal is in classic format and style, it has “two” front faces, tracing the two countries’ equal importance by depicting the world’s most recognized stamps in stylized design on the two sides. The medal is designed and manufactured by Sebastian Schildt, recognized silver designer in Stockholm.


All exhibitors will be awarded the diploma of participation (certificate) as the example above. It is designed in STOCKHOLMIA style by our graphic designer Maria Gadh and comprises the certificate together with a cover depicting the Royal Crest and signed by the Roll of Presidents and Past Presidents.

The STOCKHOLMIA GRAND AWARD will be awarded to the best exhibit of the exhibition. The candidates will be those judged as Best in Classes, and the best exhibit will be selected via an open voting by the judges at the Palmares. The GRAND AWARD is donated by the STOCKHOLMIA Philatelic Partner, The Global Philatelic Network, and was first presented at MonacoPhil 2017 by Dieter Michelson (left) and Karl Louis (right).


Court of Honor

At a reception conducted on the 1 December 2017 at MonacoPhil, the displays comprising STOCKHOLMIA COURT OF HONOR were presented.

In summary, COURT OF HONOR will comprise the following displays:

Court of Honor 1

As the Patron of the Society (The Royal Philatelic Society London), Her Majesty The Queen Elisabeth II has been invited to display a selection from The Royal Philatelic Collection. The Keeper of The Royal Philatelic Collection, Michael Sefi LVO RDP FRPSL has announced that The Queen graciously has agreed to accept the invitation, and will display 12 frames from The Royal Philatelic Collection. The selection to be made will be important for philately generally and for the celebration of the Society’s anniversary. The selection from The Royal Philatelic Collection will remain as a secret and surprise until the opening of the exhibition.

Court of Honor 2

Kings and Queens on Philately, Philately and Postal History from Royal Collections

Court of Honor 3

The Golden Collection of Swedish Philately, by the Exhibition’s Philatelic Head Patron Gustaf Douglas

Court of Honor 4

RPSL Publications from 1873 and onward, together with a selection of Crawford Winners from 1920 and onward, by Tomas Bjäringer

Stockholmia Library

The STOCKHOLMIA LIBRARY will be a special department of the exhibition, located on level 3 at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. Currently the following “Library” activities are planned (further activities will be developed ahead to the exhibition).


  • AIJP Patronage
  • Selection from the BJÄRINGER LIBRARY (Court of Honor)
    • RPSL Publications
    • Crawford Winners
  • Reading Room
    • Stockholmia Literature Class
  • Two Library Presentations Rooms
    • Full time program from 11.00 to 17.30 each day
    • Educational subjects aiming authors and publishers
    • Lectures about early philatelic literature in different countries
    • Capacity for 8 book presentation each day
exhibition_catalogues_002 exhibition_catalogues_001

The set of exhibition catalogues will comprise two different volumes à 300+ pages. One volume will be a “traditional” exhibition catalogue, while the second volume will be the “Library Catalogue”, the latter comprising:

RPSL Publications
  • Each book presented, with different photos and a short description
Crawford Winners
  • Each book will be presented, a few books on one or two pages, with different photos and a short description
STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Literature Display Entries
  • Court of Honour Library books by Tomas Bjäringer: 20 glass cabinets (show cases) and each one is good for up to six items
STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Literature Competitive Entries
  • Each entry presented with the bibliographical data (and address where to buy)

The expected release date and presentation of the two volumes is 11 April 2019 in London at the Society’s ”Past Presidents Display”, six weeks prior to the exhibition.

Exhibits Listing

The final date for applications to exhibit, whether non-competitive or competitive, will be 30 April 2018. The list of exhibits will be presented here from September 2018.


The Palmarès will be conducted as the official banquet of STOCKHOLMIA at the Vasa Museum Saturday 1 June at 7.00 p.m.

The STOCKHOLMIA BANQUET will take place the fourth evening of the exhibition, on Saturday 1 June at 7.00 p.m.. The banquet is the official dinner of STOCKHOLMIA 2019, will cover the main awards ceremonies and will be open by ticket to all guest to STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

The STOCKHOLMIA BANQUET will take place at the Vasa Museum, for many years one of Stockholm’s most magnificent dinner venues, in the shadows of the grand ship Vasa.

A truly unique experience – leaving you with everlasting memories.

To have dinner inside the Ship Hall, next to the warship Vasa is something you don’t want to miss. It is the ultimate experience of Swedish History combined with the finest food and drinks. This will be a memorable evening filled with Swedish History and traditions – you will definitely leave the Vasa Museum with a long lasting smile!

Palmarès 1
The Warship Vasa
The tickets to the Palmarès will be offered from 2018.


Australia Argentina Canada Colombia Denmark Finland Germany Hong Kong japan Norway Slovenia Sweden United Kingdom United States of America

The international jury represents 14 different membership countries of The Royal Philatelic Society London: Australia (2), Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Denmark (3), Finland (2), Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden (4), United Kingdom (5) and USA (4).

The selection is based on certain criteria and the jury is approved by the Council of The Royal Philatelic Society London in coordination with the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies Ltd.).

Criteria for selecting the Judges

  • Jurors from around the world
  • Very experienced in judging
  • Fact based judging (not emotions and intuition)
  • Interested in – and good at – feedback to the exhibitors

Goal set for the STOCKHOLMIA Jury work

  • Exhibitors at STOCKHOLMIA 2019 experience fair judging and very competent feedback
  • In retrospect everybody will talk about this as the best jury ever at an international exhibition

Feedback to exhibitors

  • STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will allocate time during the jury work to prepare feedback in order to make sure that the feedback to the exhibitors is really good
  • The Jury Team Leaders will give an open/public presentation to exhibitors on general observations (mistakes) and suggestions (to be done before the individual feedback)
  • The exhibitors will have the opportunity to get individual feedback
President of the Jury Engelbrecht RDP, Lars Denmark
Secretary to the Jury Nordin, Peter Sweden
Bengtsson, Bengt Sweden
Brown, Gary Australia
Cheung, Andrew Hong Kong
Cruz, Santiago Colombia
Gough RDP, James Peter USA
Groom, Malcolm Australia
Hamberg, Erik Sweden
Harman RDP, Christopher G. United Kingdom
Hedley, Bill United Kingdom
Läge, Damian Germany
McCann RDP, Peter P. USA
Moubray RDP, Jane United Kingdom
Mouritsen, Henrik Denmark
Muhonen, Ari Finland
Mäkinen, Jukka Finland
Sato RDP, Koichi Japan
Schlichter, Andreas Argentina
Schumann RDP, Stephen D. USA
Slettebö, Hallvard Norway
Smith, Michael United Kingdom
Suhadolc, Peter Slovenia
Svendsen, Lars Peter Denmark
Verge, Charles Canada
Walker RDP, W. Danforth USA
Walton RDP, Frank United Kingdom
Ydell, Fredrik Sweden