Royal Patron

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Patron of STOCKHOLMIA 2019

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has graciously agreed be the Patron of STOCKHOLMIA 2019 when it takes place in Stockholm from 29 May to 2 June 2019.

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf

Philatelic Head Patron

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 has been granted a substantial financial contribution from Count Gustaf Douglas FRPSL, who is today’s leading philatelist in Sweden. He was internationally recognised in 2013 when he presented the only known example of the Three Skilling Banco Yellow Postage Stamp, one of the rarest in the world, as part of his “Golden Collection of Swedish Philately”. Gustaf Douglas will be the ‘Philatelic Head Patron’ of the exhibition.

“The 31st October 2013, the day I gave my comprehensive display to Fellows and Members of the Royal Philatelic Society London, was the greatest day in my 50 years’ of life with philately as my hobby. The Display was later recognised with the 'Tilleard Medal' by the Society. Contributing to STOCKHOLMIA is my way of showing appreciation to The Royal Philatelic Society London for giving me this most memorable day in my philatelic life.”
Gustaf Douglas FRPSL

Link to Gustaf Douglas’s Philatelic Activities
Gustaf Douglas

Become Patron

Invitation to Become Patron

The exhibition will be a further milestone in recognising the international reach of the Royal Philatelic Society London. The Society, its officers and its overseas representatives undertake to promote and publicise the exhibition. Any financial profit from STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will be solely for the benefit of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

We would like to make it easy for all Fellows and Members around the world to participate. It is your support that will help make this exhibition possible.

Every contribution is valuable. We have a variety of options to enable you to support and become part of this significant event.

All donors will be recognized unless anonymity is requested. Donations may be given either as a private donation or a company donation. Further to the status as this is a donation, no VAT is included, the donation is a net amount donation. Payment may either be made with a PayPal transfer to our PayPal account: or by bank draft to one of our bank accounts.

Supporter 500 - 4,999 40 - 449 50 - 549 60 - 649
Patron 5,000 450 550 650
Gold Patron 10,000 900 1,100 1,300
Leadership Patron ≥ 50,000 ≥ 4,500 ≥ 5,500 ≥ 6,500

If using PayPal, please click the Donate button:

Donation levels

Do you request anonymity?

For bank draft please use the following account depending on currency:

Bankgiro: 351-9006

IBAN: SE32 6000 0000 0000 5129 1819

IBAN: SE63 6000 0000 0000 5129 1649

IBAN: SE66 6000 0000 0000 5129 1789

Presentation of STOCKHOLMIA CLUB

From the very beginning, we have made it easy for The Royal Philatelic Society London membership to financially support the exhibition. They, and other philatelists, have been invited as Patrons and Supporters.

In retrospect, we would not have managed to perform as we will without all Patrons & Supporters. Their extensive and generous financial sponsoring stands for 60% of all the funds. Because of their support we have been able to lay a solid foundation for a successful, privately-organised and funded exhibition.

We have until this is prepared, attracted more than 200 Patrons & Supporters, contributing to the exhibition, thereby ensuring its success. They will all receive the thank you premiums (table 1).

Newsletter Subscription (e-mail) YES YES YES YES
Special Listing on the Website YES YES YES YES
Special Listing in the Exhibition Catalogue YES YES YES YES
Special Listing in the Palmarès YES YES YES YES
Frame Honour Plate YES YES YES YES

Table 1.


Addressing the STOCKHOLMIA PATRONS, i.e Leadership Patrons, Gold Patrons and Patrons, in addition to the thank you premiums, they will receive the following.

Invitation to membership of the STOCKHOLMIA CLUB 1 1 1
STOCKHOLMIA CLUB Membership Card 1 1 2
Exhibition Catalogue 1 1 2
Invitation to the combined Welcome Reception
and Vernissage on 28 May
1 1 2
Reserved Seat to the Opening Ceremony 1 2 4
Express Pass to STOCKHOLMIA "Court of Honour" 1 2 4
(Lounge Concept presented below)
1 1 2
Invitation to the STOCKHOLMIA CLUB Dinner 1 2
Invitation to the STOCKHOLMIA BANQUET 2
Reserved Seat at all Official Meetings/Ceremonies 2
Leadership Banner Presented in the Entrance Hall YES

Table 2.

Invitation Card

The STOCKHOLMIA CLUB will be located at floor 5. It will be a private club lounge with membership access only. STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Leadership Patrons, Gold Patrons and Patrons are cordially invited. The club concept will be a private lounge, with the following included in the membership:

  • Daily International and Domestic Newspapers
  • Hot Dog
  • Wine (Red, Rose or White)
  • Beer
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee / Tea
  • Snacks
  • Sweeties
  • Pastries
  • Fruits

New Patron and/or Supporter memberships are welcome until the show takes off.



Aitchison, Jon
Beckeman, Anna-Lisa & Sven Eric
Berg, Jan
Bjäringer, Tomas
Craveri, Guido
Daun, Lennart
David Feldman Auctions
Douglas, Gustaf
Eubanks, Gordon
Gough, James Peter
Green, Christopher
Gregory, Fred
Haub, Erivan
Haimann, Alexander
Heijtz, Stefan
Hisey, Elizabeth M.
Holyoake, Mitch & Alan
Hällström, Jonas
King, Vince
Kraus, Jiri
Laakso, Seija-Riitta
Ljungh, Jan-Olof
Louis, Karl
Malmgren, Richard
Maselis, Siska & Patrick
Michelson, Dieter
Mörck, Martin
AB Philea
Philatelie Christoph Gärtner GmbH
Saadi, Wade
The Global Philatelic Network


Abramson, Murray
Adema, Kees
Al-Manaseer, Akthem
Allen, James A.
Andres, Kaido
Bamert, Peter
Barreiros, Luis
Barreiros, Eduardo
Barwis, John
Baudin-Goessler, Gregoire
Bentley, Charles Mickler
Bouscher, Nathan
Bridges, Eddie
Brockenhuus von Löwenhielm, Hasse
Brody, Roger
Brunström, Christer
Bommarito, Carol
Caron, Gaël
Cheng, Philip
Clark, Captain AW
Clavel, Anotoine
Dahlvig, Gunnar
Dave, Markand D.
Dewald, Maria
Druce, Alan
Epting, Charles
Fahl, Andreas
Feldman, Susane & Hugh
Flanagan, Patrick
Frahm, Roland
Gibson-Smith, Ian C
Gärtner, Christoph
Göta Frimärken
Hamberg, Erik
Harman, Chris & Debbie
Hartmann, Sarah & Leonard H.
Jacobs, Michael A.
Jaiswal, Sandeep
Johansen, Peter
Kahn, Serge
Karlsson, Tomas
King, Birthe
King, Chris
Kopriva, David
Kwan, Irene & William
Luytz, Albert
Madl, Tomas
Manzati, Dr. Claudio Ernesto M.
Morris, Vernon R.
Moubray, Jane
Nagel, Einar
Nilson, Kjell
Nordberg, Roland
Odenweller, Robert P.
Orsi, Marcus
Ryterband, Daniel
Stilwell Walker, Patricia
Pettersson, Olle
Påhlman, Sven
Rietz, Åke
Schneider, André
Schumann, Stephen
Shukla, Vijay
Sinchawla, Santpal
Sjögren, Ulf
Storckenfeldt, Douglas
Stormer, Georg
Svensson, Christer
Söderberg, Mats
Thorell, Anders
Tidholm, Ulf
Trotter, Brian
Walker, Danforth W
Wasels, Heinrich
Weis, Klaus
Weis, Sabine
Winter, Richard F.
Zulueta, Alfonso
Ågren, Johan


Aebi, Fritz
Agostosi, Alessandro
Arnrup, Claes
Auleytner, Julian
Aune, Finn
Bengtsson, Bengt
Bianchi, Paolo
Björk, Torbjörn
Bodin, Richard
Brown, Gary
Buntrock-Muller, Emma
Bouvier, Joseph
Butterline, Mark
Carlsson, Lars-Olow
Cheung, Andrew
Chipperfield, Michael
Davies, Martin
Debney, Richard
Donaldsson, Wayne G.
Dunkin, Ann
Ekberg, Lars
Engelbrecht, Lars
Erith, Sara & Robert
Ewers, Sven-Börje
Franklin, Norman C.
Fredriksson, Gert
Friedman, Deborah
Ganz, Cheryl R.
Groom, Malcolm
Gwynn, Robin
Heskestad, Terje
Hess, Wolf
Hong, Li
Jain, Pradip
Knapp, Armin
Knapp, Heidi
Komnaes, Tom
Kramer, George
Lewis, Geoffrey
Lithén, Gunnar
Lockhart, Bruce
Maassen, Claudia & Wolfgang
Marriner, Gerald
Mattox, Douglas
Mazepa, James
Meyerhoff, Daniel
Morris, Margaret
Olsson, Lage
Peace, Brian
Persson, Göran
Petry, Claus
Podger, James
Quinby, Roger P.
Rose, Robert
Schouberechts, Vincent
Scotney, Hugh
Schéle, Bengt
Sefi, Michael
Stein, Robert C.
Stenquist, Ulf
Stocker, Olivier
Stommendal, Peter
Stone, Jeffrey C.
Sundberg, Mårten
Swift, Lillian
Trondsen, Eigil
Vaníček, Vít
Voruz, Jean
Warren, Alan
Westendorf, Hannes
Wittsten, Peter
Österdahl, Bengt-Göran


Aabo, Hans Kristian
Bailey, Mark
Benninghoff, Robert
Bottu, Teresa & Mark
Brooks, Anthony
Carra, Lorenzo
Ciurkiewicz, Rafal
Connor, Timothy P. O’
Costin, Abraham
Davies, Grace
Dilwyn Ng Wong Hing, John
Gallegos, Guillermo Fedrico
Gerard, Arnaud
Gliedman, Charles
Göta Frimärken
Hansson, Hans-Uno
Lavagnino, Luca
Lloyd, E Keith
Kouri, Yamil
Kussing, Herwig
Marrot, Sebastien
Martin, Robert W.
Meinzer, Martin
Mollberg, Lars
Nessel, Ingo
Oppenlaender, Adolf
Peutz, Frans Josef
Pollack, Dennis
Rodriquez, Omar
Rothbauer, Erhard
Scott, Graham
Silverstein, Russell
Skenhall, Valter
Suhadolc, Peter
Van der Molen, Peter
Van der Vliet, Oscar
Volin, Herbert R.
Xavier, Paul
Yamazaki, Taro
Waud, Philip
Wengrowe, Rosalind & Nolan
Wheatley, Richard
Wheatley, Yvonne
Wikander, Kjell
Wright, Barrie
Wynns, John P.