About the Exhibition

The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL), the oldest exhisting philatelic society in the world, celebrates its 150th Anniversary in 2019. The exhibition is a further milestone in the internationalisation of the Society.

The only official international exhibition, whether competitive or non-competitive, will be that held in Stockholm as part of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the RPSL as STOCKHOLMIA 2019 – The International Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Philatelic Society London.

Bulletin 1

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Bulletin 2

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Medal & Awards

All exhibitors at STOCKHOLMIA2019 will be awarded the exhibition medal. The exhibition medal is designed and developed by Sebastian Schildt of Stockholm, a well-known Swedish contemporary jeweller and artist working in silver.

Image 1a Image 1b
Sebastian Schildt and his signature for the Exhibition Medal. Photo Carl Bengtsson.

Sebastian Schildt’s interest in design, arts and crafts was encouraged during his childhood while studying at the Waldorf School in Stockholm. At the age of 20, he was apprenticed to a well-known silversmith. In 1987 he started his own workshop, and since 2010 he has also his own gallery and showroom at Strandvägen 5 in Stockholm. The gallery is a venue for contemporary art, craft, and design, offering one of the country’s most exceptional selections of jewellery, works in silver, glass, ceramics and objects signed by some of our most recognised artists. Sebastian himself is today recognised as one of Sweden’s leading modern silver and jewellery designers.

Image 2a Image 2b
The unique STOCKHOLMIA 2019 medal in classic format and style, conceived as a double obverse, balancing the importance of Great Britain and Sweden to the exhibition through the depiction of two of the world’s most recognised stamps in a stylised contemporary design.

Sebastian Schildt

Image 3 Image 4
The Penny Black (left) was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It was first issued in Great Britain on 1 May 1840 but was not valid for use until 6 May. It features a profile of Queen Victoria taken from William Wyon’s City of London Medal of 1837, and the Coat-of Arms from another of the world’s best-known stamps, the Golden Colour Error of the 3 Skilling Banco, Sweden’s first issue.

Image 5 Image 6
The exhibition medal is made in embossed bronze. Design and Project Management are by Sebastian Schildt, digital treatment by Nicklas Havaas and manufacture by Swedish Royal Warrant holders, Sporrong, in 375 examples. The diameter is 60 mm and thickness 4 mm. All medals are signed by Sebastian Schildt. Photo: Per Myrehed.

Image 7 Image 8
The STOCKHOLMIA 2019 medal will be presented to all exhibitors and other recipients in a glass case designed and developed by Sebastian Schildt, and manufactured by Skrufs of Sweden, founded in 1897. Photo Per Myrehed.


Image 9


Design by Mats Jonasson of Målerås of Sweden. Width 150 and height 175 mm in a limited edition of 299.

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 comprises nine different competitive classes, or philatelic disciplines. The best exhibit in each of the nine classes will be awarded the BEST IN CLASS AWARD.

Class 1 Traditional Philately
Class 2 Postal History
Class 3 Postal Stationery
Class 4 Revenue
Class 5 Aerophilately
Class 6 Thematic Philately
Class 7 Open Philately
Class 8 Picture Postcards
Class 9 Philatelic Literature


The STOCKHOLMIA 2019 GRAND AWARD will be awarded to the best exhibit in the exhibition. The nine candidates will be those awarded Best in Class. The winner will be selected by the judges at the Palmarès, in an open vote.

Image 10
The unique STOCKHOLMIA 2019 GRAND AWARD is a three-dimensional solid glass trophy, based on the venue for the exhibition at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre.

Image 11
The GRAND AWARD was first presented at MonacoPhil 2017 by Dieter Michelson FRPSL (left) and Karl Louis FRPSL (right), directors of The Global Philatelic Network, Philatelic Partner to STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Certificate

Image 12a Image 12b
All exhibitors will be awarded the Exhibition Certificate, designed by STOCKHOLMIA 2019 graphic designer Maria Gadh, consisting of the certificate presented in a folder depicting the Royal Arms of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Society’s Patron, and signed by the President and Past Presidents of The Royal Philatelic Society London.

Court of Honour

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 is the key international event around which the sesquicentennial celebration of The Royal Philatelic Society London is centered. Our sincere thanks are extended to those who have accepted their invitation to select the outstanding items from their collections, to be displayed in STOCKHOLMIA Court of Honour.

The Court of Honour is located to two areas of the exhibition, level 5 respectively level 3. At level 3 the Court of Honour is co-joined with the STOCKHOLMIA LIBRARY and The Royal Philatelic Society London performances.









Level 5

Frames 0001 - 0012

The Royal Philatelic Collection

The Royal Philatelic Collection is delighted to be able to participate at Stockholmia 2019 in support of the Royal Philatelic Society London’s 150th Anniversary. Her Majesty The Queen, as Patron of the Society, was pleased to give her consent to the display.

Image 01
The “Kirkcudbright Cover” was purchased by Her Majesty in 2001 and bears 10 Penny Blacks used on 6th May 1840 – and perhaps can be described as the first day cover to end all first day covers!

Frames 0013 - 0024

Kings and Queens in Philately

Image 02

In the past, most members of Royalty received proofs and stamps with their effigy from their relevant postal authorities. Some were involved personally in philately and built up impressive collections. In this exhibit, the King, Queen or Prince concerned must have been personally involved in searching for specific items for his or her collection, or in one way or another have added to and improved a Royal collection left by another member of the family. Some kings were world renowned philatelists and their collections amongst the best of their time. Most of these collections have been sold or have partly disappeared over the years. Finding traces of them was certainly not easy.

Frames 0025 - 0045

The Golden Collection of Swedish Philately

Gustaf Douglas RDP FRPSL

Image 03
It is the foremost Gem of Swedish Philately and its absence cannot be ignored regardless of how many other items may be present in a collection. The fact that major collections of Sweden did not include it is not justification for disregarding it. They were the poorer for not having it among their Skilling Banco stamps, and indeed no comprehensive collection of Sweden built along modern lines has had the distinction of containing it. [Dr. Norman S. Hubbard in his foreword to the book ”Sweden Number One” (2005)].

Since Gustaf Douglas acquired one of the most famous stamps "The Golden Colour Error, 3 Skilling Banco Yellow", he defines his collection as "The Golden Collection of Swedish Philately". The collection derives from a lifelong collecting of the first 45 years of Swedish philately. The aim has been comprehensiveness but without deviation from the demand for best possible condition on all material included. The excellent condition is undoubtedly reflected by the material presented.

Gustaf’s interests for geography, historical studies and in graphic art are reflected through the collection’s presentation. His expectations on the treatment and the presentation of the material are set high, and his wishes for a new and innovative approach is a driver for him in his collecting.

Gustaf has not ignored the importance of the postage stamp, being the foundation and unifying force of the stamp hobby. Of that reason the balance between the number of rare stamps and the number of covers is quite pervasive.

For this very special occasion, and Gustaf Douglas being the Philatelic Head Patron of STOCKHOLMIA 2019, the selection from "The Golden Collection of Swedish Philately" has been made to present the early stamp designs of Sweden, the introduction if the uniform postage rate, and the period reflecting 1855 to 1872.

  • 1855-1858   The Coat‐of‐Arms Type I Skilling Banco
  • 1858-1872   The Coat‐of‐Arms Type II Öre
  • 1856-1958   The 1 Skilling Banco Stockholm's Black Local Stamp
  • 1862 The 3 Öre Provisional Stamp of Local Stamp Type
  • 1862-1872   The Lying Lion Type

Frames 0046 - 0047

The Dawn on Philately

Alan Holyoake RDP FRPSL

Frames 0048 - 0049

Royal Stamp Treasures from the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum

Frame 0050

“The Bordeaux Cover”

By courtesy of Richard Borek GmbH & Co. KG

Image 04
On 4 October 1847, the firma Edward Francis & Co. of Port Louis, Mauritius, confirms to their correspondent, the Wine Merchant Ducan & Lurgnie in Bordeaux, France, an order for 30 barrels of wine. This letter mail is posted via England with both the One Penny Orange and the Two Penny Blue stamps.

Level 3

Frames 0051 - 0060

Image 05

Library Books: Crawford Medal Winners - from the Bjäringer Library

Tomas Bjäringer RDP Hon. FRPSL

Frames 0061 - 0068

The Royal Philatelic Society London Museum Collections

RPSL Museum Curator Juliet Turk

Frames 0069 - 0078

Image 05

Library Books: Society Publications - from the Bjäringer Library

Tomas Bjäringer RDP Hon. FRPSL

Frames 0079 - 0088

The President’s Anniversary Display

RPSL President Patrick Maselis RDP FRPSL

Frames 0089 - 0098

The Royal Philatelic Society London Philatelic Collections

Curated by Dr. A.K.H. Huggins MBE RDP Hon. FRPSL

Stockholmia Library

The STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Academy for Authors, Journalists, Bibliophiles and Publishers

Serious philately is inconceivable without creative philatelists, editors and their publishers. The program extends over four days with no less than approx. 55 individual events. Well-known philatelists, connoisseurs and experts await visitors from all over the world at Level 3 of the Congress Centre in Room 32 + 33 for specialist lectures and PP presentations.


The program is organised by the World Association of Philatelic Authors and Journalists AIJP (Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques). Under the leadership of its president Wolfgang Maassen, this rich program is put together. AIJP Secretary General Rainer von Scharpen is in charge of the reading room in room 31, where the exhibited literature can be viewed and reviewed.

The concept for the “literature academy” follows the different visitor interests with its approach. It includes:

  • New Book Presentations (up to 25 minutes) of recently published philatelic literature.
  • Insights into the world of renowned catalogues and trade journals.
  • Lectures: Papers (sometimes up to 50 minutes) on subjects of importance to collectors, authors and publishers.
  • Historical reviews of the development of philatelic literature in numerous countries.

Everyone has free access to all lectures of the academy. Discussions with the speakers are welcome. The two lecture rooms each offer up to 30 seats and are equipped with modern lecture media. Pre-booking is not necessary; seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Class 9   Non Competitive Literature

9001 Thomassen, Egil H., RDP FRPSL NOR Postbåtforlis
9002 Thomassen, Egil H., RDP FRPSL NOR Postran

Class 9A   Books and Research Papers Published after 1 January 2010

9101 "Adema, Kees, RDP FRPSL & Groeneveld, Jeffrey, FRPSL" NLD "The Paper Trail – World War II in Holland and its Colonies as seen through mail and documents"
9102 Aitchison, Jon, FRPSL GBR The wreck of the SS Ibex and its recovered mail
9103 Aitchison, Jon, FRPSL (Exhibitor) / author: Kiddle, Francis†, RDP, Hon FRPSL GBR British Parcel Carrier Stamps
9104 Auleytner, Julian, FRPSL POL "Postal Communications in Haller’s Blue Army 1917 – 1920 / Komunikacja pocztowa w Błękitnej Armii Hallera w latach 1917 - 1920"
9105 Ball, David S. USA American Astrophilately: The First 50 Years
9106 Beith, Richard, FRPSL GBR "Czechoslovak Forces in the United Kingdom from 1940: A historical and philatelic Study"
9107 Bendon, James, FRPSL GBR UPU Specimen Stamps 1878–1961
9108 Brühlmann, Walter CHE Schweizerisches Luftposthandbuch - Swiss Air Mail Catalogue
9109 Dave, Dipak, FRPSL IND The 1929 Airmail Stamp of India
9110 Druce, Alan, FRPSL GBR "Perkins Bacon Great Britain Line-Engraved Postage Stamp Printing 1840–1846 (2 Volumes)"
9111 Feldman, Hugh, FRPSL GBR U.S. Contract Mail Routes by Railroad (1832–1875)
9112 "Feldman, David (exhibitor); editor: Porter, Alex" CHE Mauritius Post Office: The Bombay Cover
9113 "Feldman, David (exhibitor); author: Joseph Chalhoub" CHE Egypt Commemoratives: The First Issue & The Monarchy Period
9114 Ferdén, Staffan SWE Ferdén – Census of Swedish Mail until 1940
9115 "Ford, Peter, FRPSL (Exhibitor) / Authors: Charles Freeland, John Jordan" ESP Antigua - The Stamps and Postal History
9116 Ford, Peter, FRPSL (Exhibitor) / Authors: Charles Freeland, Roy Bond, Russell Boylan ESP St. Vincent 1899–1965
9117 Fryer, Gavin, RDP FRPSL GBR British Printed Papers by Post 1836 to 1876. Including Book Post, Election Papers, Trade Circulars, Patterns, Postal Rates and ancillary information through the period 1635 to 1885
9118 Ganz, Cheryl R., RDP FRPSL (Exhibitor) / Editors: Cheryl R. Ganz with M. T. Sheahan USA Every Stamp Tells a Story: The National Philatelic Collection
9119 Gmach, Gertlieb DEU Österreichische und ungarische Posteinrichtungen in den Donaufürstentümern (Rumänien) 1782–1880, Band IV
9120 Heijs, Jan NLD Postkrieg-Spezialkatalog / Catalogue of postal war 1870–2008
9121 Hillesum, René / author: Axel Dörrenbach NLD "Deutsche Dienstpost Niederlande handboek en catalogus / Deutsche Dienstpost Niderlande Handbuch und Katalog"
9122 Holstege, Gert, FRPSL NLD Handboek Postwaarden Nederland
9123 "Huggins, Alan, RDP Hon FRPSL & Holyoake, Alan, RDP FRPSL" GBR The Mulready Postal Stationery / Its Genesis, Production and Usage
9124 Johansen, Kjell Åge, FRPSL NOR Poststeder i Oslo 1647–2018
9125 Jørgensen, Lars DNK The Transvaal 'Spread Wings' 6d Stamps 1870–1978
9126 Khalastchy, Freddy, FRPSL GBR Baghdad in British Occupation. The Story of the 1917 Provisional Stamps
9127 "Klan, Oskar (exhibitor) / authors: Josef Köjer & Hansmichael Krug " DEU Plattenfehler auf den Brustschildmarken, Deutsches Reich 1872–1874
9128 Klan, Oskar DEU Handbuch-Katalog Rollenmarken Deutschland 2018/2019
9129 Klan, Oskar DEU Großbritannien Spezial 2016/2017
9130 Klan, Oskar DEU Handbuch Markenheftchen Alliierte Besetzung / Bund / Berlin 2016/2017
9131 Klan, Oskar DEU Zeppelin- und Flugpost-Spezial 2017/2018
9132 Klan, Oskar DEU Ganzsachen Deutschland 2018
9133 Klan, Oskar DEU Österreich Spezial 2018
9134 Klan, Oskar DEU Klassik Europa 1840–1900
9135 Kouri jr., Yamil H., FRPSL USA "Under Three Flags, The Postal History of the Spanish-Cuban/American War (1895–1898)"
9136 Liwendahl, Lars SWE "DALARÖ - en post och kulturhistorisk vandring under fem sekler / (DALARÖ - a postal and cultural journey during five centuries)"
9137 "Louis, Karl, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Patrick Maselis RDP FRPSL" CHE "EDITION D'OR Vol. 42 - Belgium - Medallions 1849-1866 - The Patrick Maselis Collection"
9138 "Louis, Karl, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Brian Moorhouse" CHE "EDITION D'OR Vol. 50 - Haiti - The ""Liberty Head"" Issues 1881-1887 - The Brian Moorhouse Collection"
9139 "Louis, Karl, FRPSL (exhibitor), author of the family and company history: Wolfgang Maassen RDP FRPSL" CHE "EDITION SPÉCIALE - Switzerland - Vol. I - Cantonal and Federal Administration 1843-1860 - The Jack Luder Collection"
9140 "Louis, Karl, FRPSL (exhibitor), author of the family and company history: Wolfgang Maassen RDP FRPSL" CHE "EDITION SPÉCIALE - Switzerland - Vol. II - Cancellations 1850-1854 - The Jack Luder Collection"
9141 Maassen, Wolfgang, RDP FRPSL DEU Von ersten Alben und Katalogen zu Verlagen von Weltrang
9142 Maassen, Wolfgang, RDP FRPSL DEU Alfred Moschkau. Philatelist, Heimatkundler und Museumsgründer
9143 Maassen, Wolfgang, RDP FRPSL DEU Der geheimnisvolle Philipp von Ferrari
9144 Maassen, Wolfgang, RDP FRPSL DEU "The mysterious Philippe de Ferrari . Collector, Philatelist and Philanthropist / Philippe de Ferrari, cet inconnu: Collectionneur, Philatéliste et Philanthrope"
9145 "Maassen, Wolfgang, RDP FRPSL (Exhibitor) / Authors: Wolfgang Maassen and Hans Friebe (with support of Peter Motson)" DEU Reinhard Krippner. Ein legendärer Fälscher und ein virtuoser Künstler
9146 Maassen, Wolfgang, RDP FRPSL DEU "Ein weltweit einmaliger Verband. 50 Jahre Bundesverband Deutscher Briefmarken-Versteigerer (1968–2018)"
9147 "Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Wolfgang Maassen, RDP FRPSL" DEU Heinrich Koehler and his successors - 100 Years of Heinrich Köhler 1913-2013
9148 "Michelson Dieter, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Christopher King RDP Hon FRPSL" DEU EDITION D'OR Vol. 41 - Slesvig: From Danish Duchy 1625 to Plebiscite 1920 - The Christopher King Collection
9149 "Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Jonas Hällström RDP FRPSL" DEU "EDITION D'OR Vol. 45 - Square-Rigged Sailing Vessels - The Jonas Hällström Collection"
9150 "Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Birthe King, FRPSL" DEU "EDITION D'OR Vol. 46 - Denmark: Conscience, Conflict, and Camps 1932-1949 - The Birthe King Collection"
9151 "Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Erivan Karl Haub" DEU EDITION SPÉCIALE - German States Foreign Mail Vol. II - Prussia, Saxony, Hanover, The North German Postal District, Alsace, Lorraine - The 'Erivan' Collection
9152 "Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL (exhibitor), author: Geoffrey Noer" DEU "EDITION SPÉCIALE - Faroe Islands Postal History 1751-1948 - The Geoffrey Noer Collection"
9153 "Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL (exhibitor), authors: Kersti and Bertil I. Larsson RDP FRPSL" DEU "EDITION SPÉCIALE - Sweden - Postal History until 1880 - The Kersti and Bertil I. Larsson Collection"
9154 Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL & Louis, Karl, FRPSL (exhibitors), author: Hotze Wiersma CHE "EDITION D'OR Vol. 51 - Postal Services in the Rural Areas in the Netherlands before 1850 - The Hotze Wiersma Collection"
9155 Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL & Louis, Karl, FRPSL (exhibitors), author: Michael Mahler NLD "EDITION D'OR Vol. 53 - U.S. Civil War Era Fiscal History Panorama - The Michael Mahler Collection"
9156 Michelson, Dieter, FRPSL & Louis, Karl, FRPSL (exhibitors), author: Erivan Karl Haub USA "EDITION SPÉCIALE - Postmasters´ Provisionals - United States and Confederate States - The 'Erivan' Collection"
9157 Moreira dos Santos, Fernando BRA The Search for the True Story of the Essay Dom Pedro II White Beard Not Issued
9158 Ng Wong Hing, John USA Symbolic Mauritius
9159 "Pirc, Igor (Exhibitor), Authors: Igor Pirc and 14 other authors" SVN "Proceedings of the international symposium - 100th anniversary of the Chainbreakers - the First Slovenian Postal Stamps"
9160 Rodin, Igor RUS UK Royal Birth and Space Mail
9161 Saeftel, Jürgen DEU Tattersall Lottery; Procedures, Tickets, Ephemera
9162 Schäfer, Richard, FRPSL CHE Swiss Federal Stamps 1850–1854. The 'Durheim'-Issues. Frankings – Rarities
9163 "Schwanke, Hans-Joachim (exhibitor) / author: Jakubek, Wolfgang" DEU "Thema 3. Reich - ein Bildband und Erinnerungen Third Reich Theme. Memories and illustrated Handbook) - 2 Volumes("
9164 Shoda, Yukihiro, FRPSL JPN Handbook of Postal History of BRAZIL
9165 Shoda, Yukihiro, FRPSL JPN International Exhibition History 1965–2004
9166 Sigee, David, FRPSL GBR University Mails of Oxford and Cambridge 1490–1900
9167 TSchroots, J. L. C. M. & TSchroots-Boer, H.H.C. NLD Luchtvaart en Luchtpost encyclopedie, deel 2, 1936 tot en met 1945
9168 Turgut, Turhan, FRPSL TUR "Turkish title: Osmanlı İmparatorluğu Posta Tarihi - Tarifeler ve Posta Yolları (1840-1922) / English title: Postal History of the Ottoman Empire - Rates and Routes (1840-1922)"
9169 Wewer, Heinz DEU "Postalische Zeugnisse zur deutschen Besatzungsherrschaft im Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren (Postal Documents on the German Occupation Regime in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia)"
9170 Wewer, Heinz DEU "Abgereist, ohne Angabe der Adresse." Postalische Zeugnisse zu Verfolgung und Terror unter dem Nationalsozialismus ("Departed without leaving an Adress." Postal Documents on Persecution and Terror under National Socialism)
9171 "Wong, Kin Chi Danny (exhibitor) / authors: Steve Chazen, Danny Wong" HKG Postal History of Tibet
9172 Zhang, Huadong, FRPSL GBR The Origin of the Penny Black

Class 9B   Catalogues in the Latest/Newest Edition

9201 Aitchison, Jon, FRPSL GBR Stamps and Postal History of Lundy Island
9202 Bamert, Peter (Exhibitor) / Authors: Peter Bamert, Wayne Menuz, Bill Walton CHE Postal Stationery of Mexico
9203 Heijtz, Stefan, FRPSL SWE Specialised Stamp Catalogue of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies 1800–2013
9204 Heijtz, Stefan, FRPSL SWE DAKA GF10 Faroe Islands Stamps and Postal History 2017
9205 "Jefferies, Hugh, FRPSL (exhibitor/Editor) / Stanley Gibbons Ltd. (Publisher)" GBR Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue, 2018 edition
9206 "Jefferies, Hugh, FRPSL (exhibitor/Editor) / Stanley Gibbons Ltd. (Publisher)" GBR Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Catalogue Volume 3 Queen Elizabeth Pre-decimal issues, 13th edition
9207 "Jefferies, Hugh, FRPSL (exhibitor/Editor) / Stanley Gibbons Ltd. (Publisher)" GBR Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth and British Empire Stamp Catalogue, 2019 edition
9208 "Jefferies, Hugh, FRPSL (exhibitor/Editor) / Stanley Gibbons Ltd. (Publisher)" GBR Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, Denmark and Norway, 1st edition
9209 Lithén, Gunnar SWE Facit Sverige 2019
9210 Lithén, Gunnar SWE Facit Norden 2019
9211 Lithén, Gunnar SWE Facit Special Classic 2019
9212 Lu, Zhiwei HKG Macao Postage Stamp Catalogue
9213 Andres, Kaido (exhibitor) / authors: H. Jakobs, A. Valm, P. Pärn, A. Kuuskvere, K. Andres EST Catalogue of Estonian Stamp Errors and Varieties 1991–2014

Class 9C   Journals and Magazines Published after 1 January 2018

9301 Bollen, André, FRPSL BEL La Philatéliste Belge
9302 Warren, Alan, FRPSL / Laakso, Seija Riitta, FRPSL (Exhibitors) / Scandinavian Collectors Club / Editor: Seija Riitta Laakso, FRPSL USA The Posthorn
9303 Lavagnino, Luca, FRPSL ITA Cursores
9304 Lee, Anna, FRPSL HKG Selections from World China Philex 2018
9305 Shepherd, Dean GBR Gibbons Stamp Monthly: February 2018 to January 2019
9306 Strygin, Andrey RUS The World of Stamps & Coins (Magazine)
9307 Yoshida, Takashi JPN Stampedia Philatelic Journal

Class 9D   Electronic Literature

9401 Aronis, Henri FRA Dentistry and Stamps
9402 Bamert, Peter (Exhibitor) / Authors: Peter Bamert, Wayne Menuz, Bill Walton CHE Postal Stationery of Mexico
9403 Gibson-Smith, Ian USA www.China Overprints.com
9404 Heijs, Jan NLD www.postkrieg.info – www.postalwar.info
9405 Hillesum, René NLD Filatelie, Volume 96, 2018 (CD-ROM)
9406 Maassen, Wolfgang, RDP FRPSL DEU PHILA HISTORICA 2013–2018
9407 Sohrne, Björn, FRPSL (exhibitor & author) & Farzin, Mossavar-Rahmani SWE Illustrated Postmarks of Iran 1874–1924
9408 "van der Molen, Peter, FRPSL (Editor and principal author) / Co-authors: Andrew Higson, FRPSL, John Kaupe, FRPSL and Alex Visser" ZAF Swaziland Philately to 1968
9409 van Welie, Gerard Louis, FRPSL NLD The Postal History of Zwolle, the Netherlands – http://members.home.nl/van.welie/Zwolle.html
9410 Yang, Jia Yu CHN China Junior Philatelic Network

Exhibits Listing

Fellows and Members Non-Competitive Display Exhibits

0101 Barwis John FRPSL USA 1 Victoria's England - Bound Mail 1855-1857: The Crimean War Clipper Ship Era
0102-0109 Bauer Wolfgang FRPSL DEU 8 Greece Incoming and Outgoing Mail from 1827 before the time with stamps up to UPU 1875 Destinations and Combination-Frankings with Large Heads of Greece
0110 Bendon James FRPSL GBR 1 Indo-Chinese Post Offices in China - Post Office Notice
0111-0115 Berg Jan FRPSL SWE 5 Pre-Colonial Madagascar
0116-0118 Berg Jan FRPSL SWE 3 The Gambian Cameos 1868-1898
0119 Berry Richard FRPSL GBR 1 Sydney R. Turner RDP, FRPSL and First World War Conscientious Objector
0120-0121 Bjäringer Tomas RDP Hon FRPSL SWE 2 Sweden, a social philatelic study of the 5 öre postal rates or fees
0122 Carra Lorenzo FRPSL ITA 1 A Man from Mantua in Brussels
0123-0127 Cheung Andrew FRPSL HKG 5 Imperial Russian Postal Stationery - Used in China
0128-0135 Cruz Santiago FRPSL COL 8 Scadta’s First Issues - A traditional approach to Airmail Stamps
0136-0140 Dahlvig Gunnar RDP FRPSL SWE 5 Philatelic Titbits or Culinary Philately
0141-0143 Ebner Ralph FRPSL DEU 3 Buenos Aires Revenues before the introduction of Peso nacional in 1884
0144 Fahl Andreas   DEU 1 Stamps ex the Ferrari Collection
0145-0149 Frazão Luis RDP FRPSL PRT 5 Crown stamps and covers from the Portuguese Colonies (1870/1889). Part 1 - West coast of Africa
0150-0154 Frazão Luis RDP FRPSL PRT 5 "Crown stamps and covers from the Portuguese Colonies (1870/1889). Part 2 - East coast of Africa, India and the far east"
0155-0162 Frazão Luis RDP FRPSL PRT 8 Selected postal history documents of the Portuguese Overseas Territories
0163-0164 Fuchs Rainer FRPSL DEU 2 Iraq Railway Post 1928 - ca. 1942
0165 Gérard Arnaud   FRA 1 Ferdinand Joubert and Edmund Dulac
0166-0173 Gough James Peter RDP FRPSL USA 8 HM Queen Elizabeth II - Recessed Issues Worldwide
0174-0176 Harman Deborah FRPSL GBR 3 Valentines - from late 18th century to mid 19th century
0177-0181 Harman Christopher G. RDP Hon FRPSL GBR 5 Perkins Bacon - Printers of Bank Notes and the First Stamps
0182-0184 Hedley Bill FRPSL GBR 3 Hotel Posts of Siebenbürgen
0185-0189 Holyoake Alan RDP FRPSL GBR 5 Early British Merchant Posts
0190-0194 Huggins Alan RDP Hon FRPSL GBR 5 Great Britain Embossed Stamps with Advertising Rings
0195-0202 Hällström Jonas RDP FRPSL SWE 8 The History of The Square-Rigged Sailing Vessels
0203-0207 Karlsson Staffan   SWE 5 Internment in Sweden during World War II
0208-0211 Kirschneck Erich   DEU 4 Routes and Rates to the Mediterranean - British Letter Mail 1837-1875
0212 Knudsen Per Erik   NOR 1 Trondhjems Bypost, The Skilling Period
0213-0216 Kärkäs Esa   FIN 4 Finland 1860-1874 Serpentine Issues
0217 Lee King Yue FRPSL HKG 1 Shanghai Large Dragons
0218-0222 Maselis Patrick RDP FRPSL BEL 5 Moresnet - the smallest country ever
0223-0230 Meyer Peter   BRA 8 The Long Way to the Bull's Eyes
0231-0235 Meyer Friedrich A.   DEU 5 Bremen Mail The Transatlantic Postal Conventions USA - Bremen 1847 to 1867
0236-0239 Michelson Dieter & Birgit FRPSL / Member DEU 4 Hand illustrated covers of the 19th century
0240-0243 Michelson Dieter FRPSL DEU 4 Irish Postal History 1700-1902
0244-0245 Moorhouse † Brian   GBR 2 Tierra Del Fuego
0246-0250 Morani Vittorio FRPSL ITA 5 Postal Relationships between Tuscany and Great Britain and its Overseas Territories 1840-1870
0251-0255 Moubray Jane RDP Hon FRPSL GBR 5 A selection of Great Britain line-engraved twopence blues 1840-1880
0256-0263 Mouritsen Henrik   DNK 8 Danish Postal Rates 1875-1907
0264-0265 Pettersson Olle   SWE 2 Swedish ink cancellations before 1885
0266-0270 Pietilä Juhani FRPSL FIN 5 Finland, Postal Stationery Envelopes 1845-1888
0271-0273 Pütz Franz-Josef   DEU 3 Afghanistan - Postgeschichtliche Entwicklung
0274-0281 Påhlman Sven FRPSL SWE 8 Postal routes to the Dutch Colonies in East and West 1672-1918
0282-0289 Rodin Sergey   RUS 8 The Space Mail of the International Space Station
0290-0297 Rodin Igor   RUS 8 Space Mail from "Salyuts" to "Mir"
0298-0299 Schouberechts Vincent FRPSL BEL 2 From the Mulready Envelope to the Deraedemaeker reprints
0300 Schumann Stephen D. RDP FRPSL USA 1 New Zealand Prisoner of War Air Letter Cards 1941-1945
0301-0302 Sigee David FRPSL GBR 2 Royal Household Mail at the Courts of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII
0303-0307 Slettebø Hallvard FRPSL NOR 5 Scouting Sweden
0308-0315 Smith Michael FRPSL GBR 8 The Postal Stationery of the Orange Free State
0316-0323 Sohrne Björn FRPSL SWE 8 Highlights from Persian Postal History during the Qajar Reign (until 1925)
0324-0331 Stilwell-Walker Patricia FRPSL USA 8 Baltimore: Postal History: From Colonial Times until the UPU
0332-0333 Strack Martin   DEU 2 United Kingdom - Insufficiently Prepaid Mail to Overseas Destinations until 1875
0334-0341 Suhadolc Peter FRPSL SVN 8 The Conquest of the Unprofitable World - A History of Mountaineering
0342 Swift Lillian Marie   GBR 1 Rail Stamps of Funen and Langeland, Denmark
0343-0346 Tidholm Ulf   SWE 4 Sweden Coat-of-Arms Type II "Öre" 1858-1872
0347-0354 Trotter Brian RDP FRPSL GBR 8 Southern Africa - Some Aspects of Postal History Prior to 1910
0355-0362 Walker W. Danforth RDP FRPSL USA 8 Soruth: A Princely Indian State
0363-0367 Walton Frank RDP FRPSL GBR 5 GB Queen Elizabeth II Registered Envelopes of the Tudor Rose Design
0368-0369 Vacant        
0370-0377 Williams Michael FRPSL GBR 8 Old stamps, new ideas - the GB perforated 'stars'
0378-0382 Wittsten Peter   DNK 5 Mail between Sweden and Denmark - both ways - 1658-1874
0383-0388 von Scharpen Rainer FRPSL DEU 6 Perfins of the Former German Territories in Present Day Poland and Russia

Class 1   Traditional Philately

1001-1008 Aebi Fritz A.   CHE 8 Mexico: The Hidalgo in Profile Issue 1872-74
1009-1016 Aitchison Jon FRPSL GBR 8 Egyptian Officially Sealed Mail
1017-1024 Allen James   USA 8 The First United States 12c Stamp Series of 1851-1861
1025-1032 Al-Manaseer Akthem FRPSL USA 8 The "In British Occupation" Provisionals of Baghdad and Mosul
1033-1037 Almquist-Bois Gertrude   DEU 5 Swedish private local post 1887-1898
1038-1045 Ariyoshi Nobuto   JPN 8 France 1849-1862
1046-1053 Barreiros Luis FRPSL PRT 8 Portuguese India. "The Native Issues" 1871-1885
1054-1058 Barrell William   GBR 5 Great Britain - Postal Reform and Development of the Penny Value 1838-1858
1059 Benninghoff Robert   USA 1 The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland from 1914 to 1925
1060 Benninghoff Robert   USA 1 The e Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps of Ireland 1940 to 1971
1061-1068 Bianchi Paolo RDP FRPSL MCO 8 Etat indépendant du Congo des origines au 1908
1069-1073 Boettger Lars   LUX 5 Luxembourg 10 Centimes and Un Silbergros
1074-1081 Bridges Eddie FRPSL USA 8 The 1d Pictorial Ship Printings of the Union of South Africa 1926 to 1954
1082-1086 Caprasse Hubert   BEL 5 The coat of arms issues of Finland (1845-1885)
1087-1091 Cassell Robin   GBR 5 Mulready Caricatures + Pictorial Envelopes
1092 Cockburn Peter FRPSL GBR 1 The War Tax Stamps of North Borneo
1093-1097 Cordon David   BMU 5 De La Rue, Bermuda Queen Victoria stamps and their uses
1098 Cota João Paulo   GBR 1 The Native Stamps of Portuguese India
1099-1103 Dave Markand FRPSL IND 5 1929 Airmail Stamps of India
1104-1109 Debney Richard   USA 6 Cape of Good Hope, 1853-64
1110-1114 Dev Chaitanya   IND 5 French India 1800-1954
1115-1122 Ekberg Lars   SWE 8 Sweden 1858-1886
1123 Eriksson Niclas   SWE 1 55 and 80 Öre Medallion The Värnamo Stamps
1124-1131 Eubanks Gordon E. FRPSL USA 8 First Federally Issued Postage Stamp o the United States
1132-1136 Furnon Bernard   FRA 5 Tête-bêche and couchés in Zemstvo Philately
1137-1144 Gatti Idor   GBR 8 Bulgarian postal system prior and including the first stamp issues of 1879
1145-1149 Ghose Chandrajit   IND 5 India - 1854 Study of First Issue, Half & One Anna
1150-1157 Gibson-Smith Ian   USA 8 The Hong Kong 'China' Overprints
1158-1162 Gliedman Chip   USA 5 My Victoria - Imperforate Line Engraved Stamps of G.B. from Plate Position "CG"
1163 Gwynn Robin RDP FRPSL NZL 1 New Zealand: The 1881 Act and the "1882 Provisionals"
1164-1171 Hackmey Joseph RDP FRPSL GBR 8 The Triangular Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope
1172-1176 Hannula Petteri   FIN 5 1880 Pfennig and 1889 Krone/Adler Issues of the German Empire
1177-1184 Hartmann Leonard H. FRPSL USA 8 Confederate States of America, the Lithographed General Issues
1185-1189 Harvey Ian FRPSL GBR 5 Great Britain - the "Advertiser Voucher Copy" Book of Stamps - 1908 to 1943
1190 Hederstierna Claes   SWE 1 1920, Gustavus Adolphus, 20 öre, blue
1191-1195 Heimbüchler Fritz RDP FRPSL DEU 5 Sammlung der ersten Ausgaben Brasilien 1798-1861
1196 Hisey Elizabeth FRPSL USA 1 The Bolivia Sports Issue, July 1951
1197-1201 Hobbs Richard J.M. FRPSL GBR 5 British Propaganda Envelopes of the 19th Century used in GB and the USA
1202-1206 Howard James   AUS 5 Brunei 1894 to 1947
1207-1211 Hussain Syed Imtiaz   PAK 5 Afghanistan since 1880
1212-1219 Ingers Mats   SWE 8 Low Denominations 1856-1863 - Traditional Philately in the Context of Postal History
1220-1227 Jain Pragya   IND 8 A Study of the First Issues of India (1852-1854)
1228-1233 Jaretzky Rolf-Dieter RDP FRPSL DEU 6 Jammu Kashmir
1234-1241 Johnson James C.   USA 8 Colombia - Classic Issues 1859-1868
1242-1246 Jørgensen Lars   DNK 5 Denmark 1851-1874
1247-1251 Kaplanian Avo   NLD 5 The Early Issues of Jordan and Their Varieties 1920-1933
1252-1259 Khalastchy Freddy FRPSL GBR 8 Iraq - Occupation and Mandate Issues 1918-1932
1260-1267 Koivuniemi Markku   FIN 8 The 1901 and 1911 Eagle Issues of Finland
1268-1275 Kostyál Ferenc   HUN 8 Hungary -1871
1276-1283 Lee Anna FRPSL HKG 8 London Print Dr. Sun Yat-sen Issue
1284-1288 Lund Eivind   NOR 5 Ecuador - The Second Issue Stamps 1873-1881
1289-1296 Malm Torben   DNK 8 Service Stamps of Denmark 1871-1924
1297-1304 Martin-Redman Simon FRPSL GBR 8 Sarawak The First Forty Years 1858-1898
1305-1312 McGill Stephen FRPSL USA 8 Britain's Marvelous Machins
1313-1320 McLaughlin David   CAN 8 The Maple Leaf Issue of Canada 1897-1898
1321 Metchev Ivan FRPSL GBR 1 Classic Bulgaria, Large Lions 1879-1886, Rarities, Varieties, Errors, Forgeries
1322-1326 Minto Ashley Shakeel   PAK 5 Persia 1880-1914
1327-1331 Mohan K.S.   IND 5 Study of the Service Stamps of Cochin
1332 Moreira dos Santos Fernando   BRA 1 The Search for the True Story of the Not Issued Cottens Essay
1333-1340 Mortensen Per Friis FRPSL DNK 8 Slovenia 1919-1921
1341-1345 Mårtensson Christer   SWE 5 The Swedish Postverket 300 Years
1346-1350 Møller Klaus   DNK 5 The New Zealand Chalon Issues: 1855-1873
1351-1358 Nordberg Roland FRPSL SWE 8 Classic Costa Rica to the 1889 Correos Overprint Issue
1359-1363 Novakovic Damir   GBR 5 The Four Provisionals
1364-1369 Petry Claus   DEU 6 German Empire - Fieldpost in WW II: The Inselpost 1944/45
1370-1374 Podger James FRPSL GBR 5 Cayman Islands: Queen Victoria & King Edward VII
1375 Price Malcolm   GBR 1 Australia - The B.C.O.F. Japan 1946-1949 Overprint Issues
1376-1380 Ranasaria Sunil M.   IND 5 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Issue 1948
1381-1388 Rannikko Pekka   FIN 8 Finland, Model Saarinen 1917-1930
1389-1396 Rietz Åke FRPSL SWE 8 Great Britain - Line Engraved Issues 1840-1870
1397-1404 Rietz Åke FRPSL SWE 8 Sweden - Circle Type Stamps 1872-1879
1405-1412 Rogers Peter FRPSL GBR 8 The Leipzig Courier and its Branch Offices
1413-1420 Salin Jarl-Gunnar   FIN 8 Tannu-Tuva
1421-1428 Schewe Michael   DEU 8 Königreich Sachsen - Friedrich-August-Ausgabe
1429-1433 Shaw John FRPSL GBR 5 South Africa - The 1926-30 Definitives
1434-1441 Sherwood-Jenkins Marcus FRPSL GBR 8 Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic (RSFSR) The 1921 'Arts & Sciences' series
1442-1446 Shukla Vijay   AUS 5 India - Handstruck, Scinde Dawk and Lithograph Issues (1685-1857)
1447-1451 Skenhall Valter   SWE 5 Sweden - official stamps, first issue, 1874-1884
1452-1459 Stommendal Peter   SWE 8 Classic Sweden 1855-1877
1460-1467 Stone Jeffrey FRPSL GBR 8 Finland: The Arms Type of 1875
1468-1475 Storckenfeldt Douglas   SWE 8 Iceland until 1901
1476-1483 Størmer Georg FRPSL NOR 8 The Perkins Bacon Years
1484-1491 Suess Peter   DEU 8 Jammu - Kashmir
1492-1499 Taylor Andy   GBR 8 The newspaper postage stamps of Austria
1500-1507 Thompson Jack   USA 8 The U.S. Postal Administration in Cuba 1898 to 1907
1508-1515 Tillard Jean-Jacques   SPM 8 The overprints of St Pierre et Miquelon in the 19th century
1516-1523 Todd Gregory FRPSL GBR 8 Egypt. 1866 The First Issue
1524 Waud Philip   GBR 1 The 2d Jubilee of Queen Victoria
1525 Xavier Paul   AUS 1 Territory of Papua New Guinea - 1964 Health Services Issue
1526-1530 Yoshida Takashi   JPN 5 The Stamps issued on the Globe before the First Official Introduction of Perforation
1531-1538 Ågren Johan   SWE 8 Swedish definitives 1858-1885

Class 2   Postal History

2001-2008 Abramson Murray Alexander   USA 8 Expansion of US Airmail to Foreign Destinations (1922-1941)
2009-2016 Adema Kees RDP FRPSL USA 8 World War II: Effect on Mail in Holland and the Dutch East Indies
2017-2024 Agostosi Alessandro FRPSL ITA 8 Italian Express Mail
2025 Aitchison Jon FRPSL GBR 1 S.S. Ibex. A Great Survivor of Philatelic Importance
2026-2033 Alireza Tarik FRPSL SAU 8 Saudi Arabia: Development of the Ottoman Postal Service (1801-1919)
2034-2041 Auleytner Julian FRPSL POL 8 Beginnings of the Post in Independent Poland Nov. 1918-1920
2042-2049 Aune Finn   THA 8 Norway - Non-adhesive mail up to UPU
2050-2056 Auschra Christian   DEU 7 Åland until UPU - The Postal Hub in the Baltic Sea</td>
2057-2061 Azelius Rickard   SWE 5 The Postal Conventions between Sweden and France 1855-1875
2062-2069 Barreiros Eduardo FRPSL PRT 8 Portugal in the First World War
2070-2077 Barwis John FRPSL USA 8 Philadelphia - Great Britain Mails 1683 - UPU
2078-2084 Bergman Leif   SWE 7 Stockholm Local Post and Transport 19th to 21st Century
2085-2089 Berkil Hakan   TUR 5 Postal History of Smyrne
2090-2097 Bodin Richard FRPSL SWE 8 Swedish Militaries & Volunteers in War, Campaigns or in Active Service Abroad 1543-1905
2098-2102 Bollen André FRPSL BEL 5 Postal History of the Ionian Islands - from Venice to Greece
2103-2110 Bommarito Carol FRPSL USA 8 United States Mail to, from, & through Great Britain 1840-1875
2111-2118 Booth Graham FRPSL GBR 8 Anglo-Australian Mail 1840-1860: The Transfer from Sail to Steam
2119-2126 Booth Graham FRPSL GBR 8 The Rise and Fall of the American Merchant Marine as a Trans Atlantic Mail Carrier 1800-1868
2127 Bottu Mark FRPSL BEL 1 Origin and Use of the First Taxis Postmark in Ghent: the Posthorn Stamp
2128-2135 Butterline Mark   USA 8 Falklands or Malvinas?
2136-2141 Bøe Øistein   NOR 6 Postal History on and around the Sognefjord up to 1905
2142-2149 Camerer Martin   DEU 8 Letter mail between the Old German and the Old Italian States 1850-1870
2150-2157 Chadwick Peter FRPSL GBR 8 Postal Routes and Post Office Marks of Scotland, 1660-1770
2158 Chan Charles FRPSL HKG 1 Inauguration of Hong Kong "Local Mail" in Queen Victoria Era 1876-1901
2159-2166 Chitty Lindsay FRPSL NZL 8 Prisoner of War Correspondence, Japanese Occupation of the Far East, WW II 1942-45
2167-2171 Cubbin Ian FRPSL GBR 5 The Early Postal History of British Central Africa
2172-2176 Davids Wilbert FRPSL NLD 5 South Africa - Civil & foreign mail connections 1932-1954
2177-2184 Donaldson Wayne   AUS 8 Sweden & Great Britain: Mail Connections till U.P.U.
2185 Dorr Elmar FRPSL DEU 1 Letter post between the Kingdom of Bavaria and Hungary (1 January 1868-31 December 1875)
2186 Dorr Ute FRPSL DEU 1 Der Orient-Express (1883-1914) The Orient Express
2187-2191 Ekenstierna Ulf A.F.   SWE 5 Swedish Crash Mail 1895-1975
2192 Eriksson Niclas   SWE 1 Instructional Markings used to, from and within Anglo Egyptian Sudan
2194-2201 Feldman Hugh FRPSL GBR 8 The First Four Decades of U.S. Railroad Contract Mails
2202-2209 Ferdén Staffan   SWE 8 "Carte Postale" - The postcard as a mean of communication over time, from Sweden to abroad during the first period 1872-1939"
2210-2217 Flanagan Patrick FRPSL ZAF 8 The Postal History of British South Africa (Rhodesia)
2218-2225 Flanagan Patrick FRPSL ZAF 8 The Double Head Issue of the British South Africa Company Rhodesia
2226-2230 Franklin Norman C.   DEU 5 Resent Research into the History of Mail carried on Finnish Railways 1862 to 1918
2231 Frazão Luis RDP FRPSL PRT 1 The British Packet Office at Lisbon and the Lisbon handstamps (1797-1859)
2232-2236 Fredrikson Göran   SWE 5 Insufficiently Prepaid Cancellations from Europe pre UPU
2237-2244 Frohlich Alfredo FRPSL USA 8 Republic of Colombia - Connecting Mail from the Interior to International Mail Routes 1886-1899
2245-2252 Fuchs Rainer FRPSL DEU 8 Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa 1923-1948
2253-2258 Fullrich Dieter   DEU 6 The Swedish Post Office in Hamburg 1823 to 1869
2259-2266 Fumu Antonello   ITA 8 1850/78 - Atlantic Mail Routes from and to Americas
2267-2271 Gallegos Guillermo F. FRPSL USA 5 The Prestamp Period of El Salvador - From Spanish Colony to Independent Republic
2272 Ganz Cheryl R. RDP FRPSL USA 1 Zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg Onboard Postmarks
2273-2277 Garton John   GBR 5 China - Allied Postal History During the Boxer Rebellion 1900-1901
2278 Gliedman Chip   USA 1 Mail Routes of Rupert's Land, British North America
2279 Grimwood-Taylor James FRPSL GBR 1 The Early Overseas Mail of Sydney (N.S.W.), 1806 to 1850
2280-2285 Grundmann Wilhelm   DEU 6 Mongolia - Land of Genghis Khan. Post Offices and Postmarks 1878-1939
2286-2291 Gudlin Tamas   DEU 6 From "Roller" to "Flyer": Early Milestone-Innovations in Postmarking 1851-1890.
2292-2297 Gustafson Per   SWE 6 By a vertical line on the face: The introduction of divided postcards 1902-1907
2298-2305 Hadida Maurice FRPSL FRA 8 Morocco Postal History: the Local and Chérifien Posts
2306-2313 Hantzaridis Nikolaus   DEU 8 Deutsches Reich - 2. Welkrieg: Die Inselpost 1944/45
2314-2318 Heijtz Stefan FRPSL SWE 5 Great Britain - Re-directed mail 1840-1901
2319-2326 Heijtz Göran   SWE 8 Early Ship Mail, to, from and within Sweden
2327-2331 Herr Jean   LUX 5 Diekirch XIXième siècle
2332-2339 Heskestad Terje   NOR 8 Postal History from the Southern Coast of Norway until GPU
2340-2344 Jones Chris   GBR 5 Cancellation of the Imperforate Line Engraved Issues of Great Britain (1840 to 1854)
2345 Joseph Robin Lewis   GBR 1 Analytical Study of a letter of state sent on 4th May 1545 from Pavia to Milan
2346-2353 Jørgensen Jørgen RDP FRPSL DNK 8 Mail from Denmark to Foreign Destinations 1854-1874
2354-2360 Kahn Serge FRPSL FRA 7 Charcot in the Antarctic
2361-2365 Karlsson Tomas   SWE 5 The Postal History of the Postcard in Sweden 1872-1911
2366-2371 Roots Jaan   NOR 6 Estonia 1918
2374-2381 King Chris RDP Hon FRPSL GBR 8 Denmark and the First World War 1914-1920
2382-2389 Klempka Edward FRPSL GBR 8 The development of the postal services in Great Britain 1840-1847
2390-2397 Klempka Edward FRPSL GBR 8 Foreign Military Activity in Russian Civil War 1917-23
2398-2405 Knapp Arnim FRPSL DEU 8 Developing ways to simplify Post. The mail between the Churfürstentum and the Kingdom of Saxony with Switzerland and their transit post with France and Italy at various post-epochs during the 18th century untl the end of the Saxon Post sovereignty on 31 December 1867 and the transition to the post Highness the North German Confederation on January 1, 1868; Participating Postholding: Saxony, Baden, Bavaria, Württemberg, Thurn u. Taxis, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France
2406-2413 Komnaes Tom   NOR 8 Norwegian Skilling Covers - Domestic and Aboad
2414-2419 Kramer George RDP FRPSL USA 6 The Central Overland Route
2420-2427 Krug Hansmichael   DEU 8 "Postverkehr zwischen dem Gebiet der Deutschen Reichspost und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika 1871-1875"
2428-2432 Kunc Lubor   CZE 5 Austro-Hungarian Field Post 1914-1918
2433-2440 Kussing Herwig   ZAF 8 Germany: The Postal Rates in 1923
2441-2448 Lewis Geoffrey RDP FRPSL AUS 8 Stampless Mail Entering Spain
2449-2453 Li Hong   HKG 5 Pre-Stamp Period of Ecuador
2454-2461 Lindahl Ulf   USA 8 The Development of the Ethiopian Post: 1894-1919
2462-2467 Lindner Franz-Karl FRPSL DEU 6 Mail for the blind - from tariff reduction to post-free dispatch worldwide
2468-2475 Lithén Gunnar   SWE 8 Cancellations from Swedish steamship mail post offices from 1869 and up to 1951
2476-2483 Ljungh Jan-Olof FRPSL SWE 8 From N.D.P. - U.P.U. Items sent to overseas destinations 1.1.1868-1.7.1875
2484-2488 Louis Karl FRPSL DEU 5 Great Britain 1841/53, 1d. & 2d. Imperf. on Foreign Destination Mail
2489-2493 Lund Steve   USA 5 Lund, Postal History to 1935
2494-2501 Lundgren Anders   SWE 8 Postal History of Bohuslän until 1911
2502-2509 Malmgren Richard FRPSL USA 8 Hawaii Foreign Mail
2510-2517 Marion Robert FRPSL FRA 8 Mauritius, the Village Post Office Marks
2518-2522 Marsden Bruce   USA 5 Switzerland 1949 Engineering and Landscapes Issue - Rates, Destinations, and Usages
2523-2530 Mazepa James RDP FRPSL USA 8 Colonial Central America
2531-2535 Meyer Friedrich A.   DEU 5 The Hanseatic City of Bremen - letters of various Postal Organisations between 1814 and 1851
2536 Meyer Friedrich A.   DEU 1 The first Postal Convention between Great Britain and the Kingdom of Hanover "England / über Bremen" - letters between 1845 and 1853
2537-2544 Michtner Klaus   AUT 8 Austria-Hungary - Sweden-Norway The Mail Traffic 1682-1918
2545-2552 Michtner Klaus   AUT 8 Swedish Printed Matters 1855-1921
2553 Moldenhauer Frantz-Caspar   NOR 1 Det Bergenske Dampskipsselskab 1851-1870
2554-2561 Nanjee Afzal Hussain   PAK 8 Ottoman Empire: Turkey in Europe
2562-2569 Nanjee Iqbal Hussain FRPSL PAK 8 Postal History of Greek-Turkish War (1919-1922)
2570-2577 Nilson Kjell FRPSL SWE 8 Swedish Postal History 1939-1948 "The Swedish Mail and the War"
2578-2583 Olsson Arne O.   SWE 6 Sweden. Postage Due
2584-2591 Osborne Hugh Anthony FRPSL GBR 8 South Georgia Postal History, 1883-1945
2592-2599 Palmer Ben FRPSL GBR 8 British Letter and Printed Matter Mail to Europe in the Pre-UPU Period
2600-2604 Persson Göran   SWE 5 Cancellations of the Swedish Skilling Banco Stamps 1855-1858
2605 Persson Göran   SWE 1 The Crimean War Efforts in the Baltic - The events in a postal perspective
2606 Pettersson Olle   SWE 1 Swedish experimental postmarks, the early period 1879-85
2607-2614 Pickering Terence G.M. FRPSL GBR 8 Japanese Military and Prisoner of War Mail of the Thai - Burma Railway
2615-2619 Pierret Alain   BEL 5 The Use of The King Baudouin Coil Stamps Delivered Between 1953 and 1973
2620-2624 Pizer Robin FRPSL GBR 5 Delayed or Returned to Sender Mail Due to the First World War involving Germany
2625 Price Malcolm   GBR 1 Northern Territory - Australia, Post Master General Department Operated Military and R.A.A.F. Post offices
2626-2632 Richards Simon FRPSL GBR 7 Mail by British Packets from the West Indies 1663-1863
2633 Rodriguez Omar   USA 1 Early Postmarks of Mexico and the Establishment of the First Domestic Postal Routes in 1791
2634-2641 Rose Robert G.   USA 8 New Jersey Stampless Covers: Handstamp Postal Markings 1775-1855
2642-2646 Rothwell Alan   GBR 5 Tristan da Cunha "A Life in Exile"
2647-2654 Ryterband Daniel   USA 8 A Country Divided: Effects of the American Civil War on the Mails
2655-2659 Saeftel Juergen   DEU 5 Tattersall Lottery
2660-2667 Santos Everaldo FRPSL BRA 8 South America - Maritime Postal History
2668-2675 Vacant        
2676-2683 Schröder Albert   DEU 8 Färöer bis 1945
2684-2688 Stenquist Ulf   SWE 5 Swedish Crown Mail Cancellations 1720-1873
2697-2701 Thackery Tony FRPSL NZL 5 Celebrating the First Day of the 1d. Universal Postage Rate Introduced on 1 January 1901
2702 Tian Wei   CHN 1 In the 19th century, the Papal States official mail stamp (1817-1855)
2703-2710 Trondsen Eigil   NOR 8 Cunard Line: The Ships and the Transatlantic Mail 1840-1867, the Monopoly Years
2711-2718 Tunaci Atadan FRPSL TUR 8 Ottoman Railway Postal History
2719-2724 Vande Wiele Willy   BEL 6 Mail across the Channel and the North Sea 1570-1815
2725-2729 Weis Klaus FRPSL DEU 5 The Development of the Local Postmarks in the Later Grand Duchy Baden 1723 - 1871
2730 Wengrowe Nolan   GBR 1 Forerunner postal history of South West Africa
2731-2735 Wheatley Richard FRPSL GBR 5 Netherlands East Indies: Mail Routes during World War One
2736-2743 Wiersma Hotze   NLD 8 Handling written communication in Europe 1668-1810
2744 Wong Kin Chi Danny FRPSL HKG 1 Chinese Imperial Courier (Yizhan) Mails
2745 Wong Kin Chi Danny FRPSL HKG 1 Chinese Imperial Courier Mails in Tibet
2746 Wong Kin Chi Danny FRPSL HKG 1 URTUU - Imperial Courier Mails in Mongolia
2747-2754 Voruz Jean FRPSL CHE 8 Geneva Postal Services 1839-1862
2755-2762 Voruz Jean FRPSL CHE 8 Swiss Postal Services Development 1862-1900
2763-2770 Zulueta Alfonso   USA 8 Bosnia-Herzegovina: Austro-Hungarian Occupation, 1878-1908

Class 3   Postal Stationery

3001-3005 Ahmad Ghias   GBR 5 The Kingdom of Italy Postal Cards 1872-1929
3006-3013 Bamert Peter   CHE 8 Mexico, Early Postal Cards 1879 to 1899
3014-3021 Daun Lennart FRPSL SWE 8 1872-1897 The First Period of Postal Stationery in Sweden
3022-3026 Fredriksson Gert   SWE 5 Denmark Postal Stationery 1913-1927, Christian X Right Profile
3027 Friedman Deborah FRPSL USA 1 The Servicio Postal Fluvial Envelopes of Colombia
3028-3032 Fukarek Michael   DEU 5 Austria - The History of Pneumatic Post Stationery
3033-3040 Jaiswal Sandeep   IND 8 British India - Queen Victoria Postal Stationery
3041 Kikuchi Emi   JPN 1 1943 Malay 4c Postal Card
3042-3047 Logette Jean-François   FRA 6 Greece - Large Hermes Head Postal Stationery
3048 Logette Jean-François   FRA 1 Essays and Die Proofs of the Stockholm Model International Reply Coupon
3049-3056 Nassre-Esfahani Behruz   USA 8 Persia, Qajar Postal Stationery 1876-1925
3057-3063 Nilsson Lars-Olof   SWE 7 The postal cards before GPU 1874
3064-3069 Peter Michael   DEU 6 Postal Stationery of El Salvador 1883-1899
3070-3074 Sargent Neil FRPSL GBR 5 The Registered Envelopes of Barbados 1882-1992
3075-3080 Schwenson Cyril   DEU 6 Stationery's of Grand Duchy Finland from the beginning up to first UPU colours

Class 4   Revenue

4001 Ebner Ralph FRPSL DEU 1 Austria/Hungary: Creations not to pay the revenue
4002-4006 Ebner Ralph FRPSL DEU 5 First Americans, Spanish Papel Sellado, first emission 1640/41 and its usages
4007 Krieg Harald   DEU 1 The Fiscal Philately of the German Colonies
4008-4013 van der Vliet Oscar   NLD 6 Crossing Borders! South Africa Revenues going many ways

Class 5   Aerophilately

5001 Bartoc Alexandru Dan FRPSL ROM 1 Balkan Flight
5002-5009 Cotlier Carlos   ARG 8 Argentine Air Mail 1924-1939
5010 Davis Robin FRPSL GBR 1 Cyprus Early Air Mails in the Westerly Direction 1929-1932
5011-5018 Godfrey John   FIN 8 Finland Airmails 1920-1946
5019-5023 Holstege Gert FRPSL NLD 5 The development of the Dutch airmail 1920-1930
5024-5028 Khaitan Piyush   IND 5 The Karachi - Madras route extension Flight of Tata Sons Ltd. (October 1932)
5029-5036 Lewowicz Enrique   URY 8 Uruguayan Air Mail (1910-1930)
5037-5041 Lisabeth Robert   BEL 5 Courrier par avion achemine par la Belgique vers l'Amerique du Sud jusqu'a 1941
5042-5046 Machapalli Srinivasa Ramu   IND 5 Rocket Mails of India
5047-5054 Nanjee Adnan Hussain   PAK 8 KLM Airmail (1927-1952), 25 Years of Development
5055 Odenweller Robert RDP Hon FRPSL USA 1 New Zealand: 1898-1935 Airmails
5056-5060 Schøyen Bjørn   NOR 5 First United Kingdom Aerial Post 1911 - The First Sustained Air Mail Service
5061-5065 Sheehan Anthony   GBR 5 The 1930 Baltic Flight of the Graf Zeppelin
5066-5072 Svensson Stig-Arne   SWE 7 Swedish Airmail Routes to Foreign Destinations 1920-1945
5073-5080 Vasseur Jean-Claude FRPSL FRA 8 Newfoundland Airmail 1919/1939

Class 6   Thematic Philately

6001-6006 Andres Kaido   EST 6 University of Tartu 1632-2012 (People and Circumstances)
6007-6012 Bottu Mark FRPSL BEL 6 Music : talking with God
6013 Davies Grace FRPSL GBR 1 Alfred Nobel and his Legacy
6014-6021 Dedivitis Rogério   BRA 8 The Life Beat
6022-6029 Guglielminetti Paolo FRPSL ITA 8 The Unfinished Network - History of African Railways
6030-6034 Jain Pradip FRPSL IND 5 Mahatma Gandhi - A Life in Service of Humanity
6035-6042 König Lutz   DEU 8 Pigeons - Great diversity in the wild - Domesticated and admired by man
6043-6047 Lokeswara Rao Madiraju   IND 5 Orchids: Distribution Threats to its Habitat and Conservation
6048-6055 Maas Joachim FRPSL DEU 8 Mathematics, a science between theory and application
6056-6060 Macedo Reinaldo Estevão FRPSL BRA 5 Rivers Harnessed - Energy in Liberty
6061-6068 Magier Joshua   ISR 8 Land Cultivation from the Beginning of Agriculture to the Present Time
6069-6073 Maras Julije FRPSL HRV 5 Gold & Golden
6074-6081 Marley Lesley FRPSL GBR 8 A Whale's Tale
6082-6086 Scheer André   NLD 5 Air strikes to win
6087-6094 Scheer André   NLD 8 Masks of the Universe
6095-6102 Schmidt Alfred   DEU 8 The Statues of Knight Roland. Medieval Symbols of Civic Rights in Central Europe
6103-6110 Sole Brian FRPSL GBR 8 Go by cycle!
6111-6115 Tian Wei   CHN 5 Life on the Ship - A Sea Dog's Story
6116+C7 van Laere Roger   BEL 1 The Peru-Ecuador War of 1941
6117-6121 Watson Alan   GBR 5 Heraldry: The Gentle Science

Class 7   Open Philately

2193 Erith Robert FRPSL GBR 1 Letters of Eminent Victorians - Correspondance using penny blacks
2689-2696 Davies John FRPSL GBR 8 A Jubilee Reminiscence
7001-7005 Ball David S.   USA 5 Soviet and American Drift Stations: 1937-1991
7006 Benninghoff Robert   USA 1 The Struggle for Irish Independence May 1916 to December 1921
7007 Benninghoff Robert   USA 1 The Provisional Government of Ireland December 1921 to December 1922
7008-7015 Davis John FRPSL GBR 8 The story of Niuafo'ou and its Tin Can (Canoe) Mail Service 1882-1983
7016-7020 Dowd Stephen   AUS 5 Sunrise, Sunset. The Rise and Fall of Japan's Colonial Power 1931-1951
7021 Haimann Alexander FRPSL USA 1 The 1879 Anglo-Zulu War: Illustrated Through Postal History
7022-7026 Harry Teresa   NZL 5 Operation Deep Freeze Picket Ships
7027-7031 King Birthe FRPSL GBR 5 The Re-Unification of Southern Jutland with Denmark 1864-1920
7032-7036 Kraus Jiri   CZE 5 Finding Antarctica - then Finding More of It
7037-7041 Kraus Jiri   CZE 5 The First Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904
7042-7049 Manzati Claudio Ernesto M.   ITA 8 North Pole Russian Drifting Station NP 1 to NP 40
7050-7054 Roberts Michael FRPSL GBR 5 The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
7055-7061 Sherwood-Jenkins Marcus FRPSL GBR 7 Russian & Soviet Prisons & the justice system 1820-2018
7062-7066 Söderberg Mats FRPSL SWE 5 Estonians outside Estonia 1944-1991
7067-7074 Winters Graham FRPSL GBR 8 "A Good Walk Spoiled"
7075-7082 Virtanen Heikki   FIN 8 The Presidents of Finland

Class 8   Picture Postcards

8001-8005 Hansson Hans Uno   SWE 5 The Baltic Expo in Malmö 1914
8006-8013 Laakso Seija-Riitta FRPSL FIN 8 Paris by Night
8014-8018 Nikkanen Janne   FIN 5 Historic old Tallinn in postcards


The Palmarès will be conducted as the official banquet of STOCKHOLMIA at the Vasa Museum Saturday 1 June at 7.00 p.m.

The STOCKHOLMIA BANQUET will take place the fourth evening of the exhibition, on Saturday 1 June at 7.00 p.m.. The banquet is the official dinner of STOCKHOLMIA 2019, will cover the main awards ceremonies and will be open by ticket to all guest to STOCKHOLMIA 2019.

The STOCKHOLMIA BANQUET will take place at the Vasa Museum, for many years one of Stockholm’s most magnificent dinner venues, in the shadows of the grand ship Vasa.

A truly unique experience – leaving you with everlasting memories.

To have dinner inside the Ship Hall, next to the warship Vasa is something you don’t want to miss. It is the ultimate experience of Swedish History combined with the finest food and drinks. This will be a memorable evening filled with Swedish History and traditions – you will definitely leave the Vasa Museum with a long lasting smile!

Palmarès 1
The Warship Vasa
The tickets to the Palmarès will be offered from 2018.


Australia Argentina Canada Colombia Denmark Finland Germany Hong Kong japan Norway Slovenia Sweden United Kingdom United States of America

The international jury represents 14 different membership countries of The Royal Philatelic Society London: Australia (2), Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Denmark (3), Finland (2), Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden (4), United Kingdom (5) and USA (4).

The selection is based on certain criteria and the jury is approved by the Council of The Royal Philatelic Society London in coordination with the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies Ltd.).

Criteria for selecting the Judges

  • Jurors from around the world
  • Very experienced in judging
  • Fact based judging (not emotions and intuition)
  • Interested in – and good at – feedback to the exhibitors

Goal set for the STOCKHOLMIA Jury work

  • Exhibitors at STOCKHOLMIA 2019 experience fair judging and very competent feedback
  • In retrospect everybody will talk about this as the best jury ever at an international exhibition

Feedback to exhibitors

  • STOCKHOLMIA 2019 will allocate time during the jury work to prepare feedback in order to make sure that the feedback to the exhibitors is really good
  • The Jury Team Leaders will give an open/public presentation to exhibitors on general observations (mistakes) and suggestions (to be done before the individual feedback)
  • The exhibitors will have the opportunity to get individual feedback
President of the Jury Engelbrecht RDP, Lars Denmark
Secretary to the Jury Nordin, Peter Sweden
Bengtsson, Bengt Sweden
Brown, Gary Australia
Cheung, Andrew Hong Kong
Cruz, Santiago Colombia
Gough RDP, James Peter USA
Groom, Malcolm Australia
Hamberg, Erik Sweden
Harman RDP, Christopher G. United Kingdom
Hedley, Bill United Kingdom
Läge, Damian Germany
McCann RDP, Peter P. USA
Moubray RDP, Jane United Kingdom
Mouritsen, Henrik Denmark
Muhonen, Ari Finland
Mäkinen, Jukka Finland
Sato RDP, Koichi Japan
Schlichter, Andreas Argentina
Schumann RDP, Stephen D. USA
Slettebö, Hallvard Norway
Smith, Michael United Kingdom
Suhadolc, Peter Slovenia
Svendsen, Lars Peter Denmark
Verge, Charles Canada
Walker RDP, W. Danforth USA
Walton RDP, Frank United Kingdom
Ydell, Fredrik Sweden